The German rail network is known as one of the most efficient train systems in the World. Your German Rail TwinPass allows you to...
London - Amsterdam
London and Amsterdam are yours to discover
Iberic Splendors
Iberic Splendors –Spain & Portugal - 8 Nights

ACP Secrets Holidays

For the thrill and experience of rail travel! 


We cater to the independent traveler who wishes to plan a rail-based holiday.  ACP Secrets Holidays has access to special rail pass and ticket rates and is directly connected to hotel, car hire, attractions, events and air fare inventories to ensure that every package, big or small, is priced competitively.  At the same time, travelers can feel comfortable with a high level of customer service that will make them a loyal customer for life.
ACP Secrets Holidays is a sister company of ACP Rail International.  Through this affiliation, ACP Secrets Holidays is able to utilize the exclusive contracts from the National Railways in Europe, Britain, Australia, Japan, China, the US and many other countries.  ACP Secrets prides itself on having both Scandinavian and British specialists on staff, ready to give the most knowledgeable advice on travelling to and around these extraordinary countries.

Let ACP Secrets Holidays plan your first or your next Rail holiday – for an unforgettable experience!





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